Each of us has personal tastes and preferences regarding modern home décor.

Some may think a chandelier in the living room will do the trick whereas others may be steadfast about their belief in Feng Shui.

It’s all about creativity and what strikes a chord with your liking.

For some, the use of windows in home décor is given as much importance as other furnishings, and sometimes even more.

The option of using frosted glass with a snowflake design is brilliant modern choice.

Another very creative method of using windows in home décor is to opt for stain glass painting.
This ensures that you can have just the design you wish on your window panes.

If you aren’t too sure about colors and designs, you can leave the windows plain but concentrate on window frames.
Hardwood frames that have been carved upon to create unique Victorian or floral patterns certainly can’t be replicated and add charm home that’s hard to miss.