Your window is the mirror of your house from outside. They need thorough treatment even if it comes at an expense. Go for Malaysian curtains or Roman blinds to give it a classy look. You can have them in rectangular panes and arched grills. You can even stick up a cornice for the desired effect.

Bay windows are great showpieces if you have a ground floor house. You generally find them in mansions and bungalows. They allow a vital range of sunlight in. Venetian blinds look good on bay windows.

For windowpanes, you can get artistic. You may try colored panes, distorted glass or round glasses. Thy come in colorful varieties and make windows acquire a great look. You may also go for paper cloths or screen made of waste materials. Use of chimes or ornaments on the windows also looks gracious. Keep your windows smiling and the sun smiles at you.