There are different kinds of wall hangings that have been evolved by the home décor experts. This means that a bare room could be given quite a number of different touch ups just with the help of wall hangings. That is exactly why wall hangings are such a popular item for home décor. The kind of wall hanging that is being used by you also becomes a reflection of your taste to all those who are visiting your house.

The first thing that comes to your mind when you are thinking of wall hangings is paintings. Paintings as a decorative piece have been quite popular since time immemorial. The kind of painting that you are choosing is often a reflection of your taste. Those who have been into hunting or maybe want to add a masculine touch to their rooms would often use animal skins as wall hangings.

Yet considering how cruel this is, there are many who prefer fake animal skins. Tapestries and rugs are also quite often used as wall hangings. It is all up to you, the way you want to decorate the room.