Cleanliness is the most important factor these days. People spend tons of money in keep their home sparkly clean. Little do they know that things can be cleaned even with the minimal amount of money? Vinegar is a best substitute for a cleaning agent. If a thick layer of grease and stain in stuck on your microwave, then a thin paste of vinegar with detergents can remove the grease in seconds.

The foul odors emitted in the kitchen can be easily wiped off by boiling a cup of vinegar on the gas stove for an hour. You can easily get rid of grimes in coffee makers or tea pots, by pouring lukewarm vinegar through their sledges. Rinsing off kettles with half a cup of vinegar and lime easily removes the white sediments permeated. Glass doors and windows can be sparkly clean if wiped with a mixture of Vinegar and lime water.