You should ensure cleanliness in house. But often, you neglect the unseen bacteria and virus that settle in your house. It is prudent to clean your house with disinfectant once every fortnight.

Hydrogen peroxide mixed with vinegar is a great disinfectant. You need to brush the floors and walls with it. There is danger of discoloration and so the whole process has to be conducted carefully. It is also necessary to treat the kitchen ends and bathroom edges with it.

Bathroom commode is another area that breeds diseases. It needs to be washed with antiseptics, phenyl liquids and detergent every once in a while. Another strong disinfecting method is bleaching. Acidified bleaching in the middle and corner of the house makes it clean and clear. You should do it with gloves on. The kids should be dissuaded from the place at least for the period of operation. Water leakage should also be sealed.