Having a sublime interest in wall painting? Some unique methods can be considered. These are different methods and depict a well refined rhythmical sense.

One of the most unique methods is the rag painting process. Here you use rags of different sizes, roll and dip them in a tray of paint. Press them gently on the wall in a random manner; it gives you the effect you want to bring out. These generally give out an idea of a marble print on the wall.
Sponge and feather paintings are also efficient to create an indiscriminative pattern on the wall. Feather painting is unique in its own way; you dip the feather in the tray of paint to get various wispy patterns.

The Plastic Bag technique; you dip a small grocery polythene bag in the paint and create an appealing pattern of your own on the walls.

To bring an aesthetic look like that of the Egyptian times, stencil painting is ideal. It simply adorns the walls. The use of a spectrum of colors for the paint can give a unique effect too.