Are you planning to purchase a new bathtub for your bathroom? Well, given the wide array of bathtubs to choose from, purchasing a tub is not that easy. Do you want to know about some bathtub types? Read on.

A very popular choice in bathtubs is the claw-foot bathtubs. Originally made with case iron these bathtubs have been around for more than a century. However, nowadays the claw-foot bathtubs are made of light materials. There is also the traditional recessed bathtub made of enameled steel. These tubs are surrounded by tub alcove on three sides. This would be a wonderful choice.

You can also opt for the corner tub which is shaped triangularly on one end. Purchasing the whirlpool or jetted tub is also a good idea. You can get this tub in indoor and outdoor models. For differently able people the walk-in bathtub is a great option. This tub has a door which can be closed to prevent the leakage of water.