Poor kitchen cabinets, they are more prone to getting dirty and that also very fast. Generally its food particle, grease and smoke that sticks like grime on the cabinet. To clean them you can use the liquid utensil washer detergent. Pour this on a wet sponge and just swipe off the dirt. Never use steel wool or any harsh object as they might scratch the cabinet harshly. You can use chemical cleaners or even natural substitutes like vinegar, lime juice and baking soda. They are as good as the chemical ones.

Now for the other parts of maintenance, make sure that you never keep any wet utensils in it. The cabinets should always be dry to avoid humid conditions that would otherwise encourage the growth of fungus. You should also ensure that your cabinets are clean of termites, cockroaches and similar creatures by using several products available in the market. Check your cabinet now; give it good scrub if it needs one, as you are entrusted with the responsibility of your family’s care and nutrition.