In today’s date, living without electronics and gadgets is next to impossible. With this impending need comes the responsibility to take care of these electronic items as well. There are many items which come under this category; some of them are television set, music system, DVD player, PC, laptop, iPod, mobile, tablets, kitchen electronics etc.

If anything needs to be cleaned or taken care of, the first thing you need to do is refer their manual. You need to preserve the manuals on the first basis. If it does not satisfy your queries, call the customer service and ask for their advice.

Don’t block the ventilation and holes on these items as they prevent them from over-heating. Keep them away from sunlight and never cleaned them with a vacuum. If you are using any cleaning agent, always clean with dry cloth and never spray them directly on the electronics.

For best preservation of your electronics always place them in safe places away from where they may be prone to getting wet or damaged.