A lot of people dread cleaning their window blinds. Are you one of them? Well, many think that keeping blinds clean is a tough ask but if you know how to do it right, cleaning your window blinds will become a fun chore. Here are a few tips.

For the light dust that settles on your blinds, use a light feather brush. Using a vacuum that comes with an upholstery brush is also a good idea. While cleaning the blinds rotate them to make sure that you clean both the front and the back surfaces. If your blinds are soiled lightly you can use a soft moist cloth to clean them. You can also use antibacterial wipes that are quite cheap.

If you have metal blinds, you need to be careful while cleaning them. Bending them too hard can result in permanent damage. You can remove the metal blinds from your windows and use a hose to clean them.