How to clean carpet natuarally, carpet maintenanceIf you have a carpet in any part of your home, it must be the pride of the house. Carpets have a tendency to brighten up and add a touch of elegance in whichever room it is placed in. But they are mostly heavy and big so cleaning them might be a difficult task. You need to know the right methods to use and the right ingredients to clean a carpet or you could end up doing more harm than good.

Always keep your carpet dust free to avoid settling down of dirt and to avoid breathing problems and diseases. To remove mildew and mold, never use harsh chemicals or industrial acid. Always depend on homemade ingredients for cleaning. For light food stains and molds, use soap and warm water. For more stubborn stains, mix vinegar with borax and leave it on for a while. Wash off with lukewarm water, let it dry and finally vacuum clean the area. In addition, baking powder and peroxide are great items used for cleaning carpets.