Bathroom accessories For Elders, bathroom accessoriesMost of the accidents occur at home and specially at bathrooms, so it is always desired to make the place secured specially for elders at your home. The beginning can be with laying of rubber mats for the shoiwer or bath tub floors. These mats are also available with bottom suction linings or apply some sticky substance so that that they stay fixed on the floor. Next better not to leave the bath tub unsecured, better to attach a grab bar. Make sure you turn the knob of the attachment, to make sure they take the weight of the person entering the tub or leaving it. They are generally available in metal or plastics. Next installation should be a metal or plastic wall grab bar that helps a person to keep balance walking over a wet floor. They are generally attached against the wall with long screws, it is always desired that the screw must get penetrated into a 2X4 wall stud. It also helps the person to keep balance while standing in a shower. New tub/bath faucets with thermoststic controls can be used.