home decor theme - springSince spring time is associated to the warm sunshine, lush, green meadows, brightly colored flowers, chirping birds and humming bees, you can bring them all within the four walls of your rooms. First of all you can think of repainting the house in refreshing hues mimicking sunlight and the green meadows.

Next you can think about adding flowers, birds and bees on the wall paintings. You can also opt for various floral patterns. Since spring is the time for brightly, colored flowers, you can think about adding a flower vase or two in the rooms and fill them with fresh flowers.

You can also think about changing the style of the windows. It would be better if you can opt for the grand French windows that would let plenty of sunlight and fresh air into your rooms. You should also change the pillow covers, the comforters, the bed sheets as well as the rugs on the floors. Remember what you do always follow the colors of spring.