Solar pool covers, pool coversIf you like to bath in a pool that is warm but do not like to pay the high bill on fuels, you should get solar covers for your pool. You can get heat gain and retention of hear with these covers of pool. The amount of fuel that is used for heating the pool can be reduced incredibly by using the solar pool covers. The solar pool cover helps add the heat of the sunlight to the pool without costing any money. The heat of the sunlight would be trapped by the solar pool covers and you will be able to enjoy a nice and warm swim whenever you want. Some of the covers are made of polymer of special plastic that are flexible, tough and UV resilient. They are also resilient to the harmful chemicals that may enter while the heat is transmitted. Therefore, you should not waste your electrical energy and money for heating the pool as you can do it with a one-time investment with the solar pool covers.