Soft Flooring for your Home
Sometimes we tend to prefer soft flooring in certain rooms like a child’s bedroom or even our bedroom for a calm and classy feel or for safety purposes. The best choices will be in front of you and you might get a bit confused on which one to choose. One of the best materials to use are vinyl tiles. They come in various patterns, colors and designs and even in faux wood and faux stone finishes. They are very easy to install and can be done by anyone, they are cheap and easy to clean as well.

Rubber tiles are also a good choice. They are study but soft and are extremely comfortable.
Nevertheless, the number of colors and designs are limited.

Cork covers, tiles and cushions are a rage these days, they are porous and that is why their softness is like nothing else.
Nevertheless, stains and moisture damage may occur so make sure you laminate the floor before you step on it.

Finally depending upon your home space, budget and state, take your pick.