Maintenance of linens, linensBefore washing the linen, you should check the label that is attached to the cloth so that you know that the linen is safe to machine wash or dry clean. Linen is actually a fiber that id anti static and so dust is not attracted to it. You can get the upholstery brushed or get it vacuumed as well. You have to make sure that all the sides and the little crevices are properly vacuumed.

If there are blotches on the linen, you can clean that area with water that is lukewarm. Use a cloth that is wet to dab certain areas if you want the stains of soil to be removed. In order to remove the stains pf coffee or tea you can use a little glycerin and dab the area. Try not to use bleach for cleaning your linen as that might cause the color to fade away. If there are stains of lipstick, you can use some face powder with a little bit of ether alcohol.