Earlier today (yesterday I suppose now) I was pulling into ASDA’s (supermarket) car park and an idiot in a Land Rover mounted the kerb, cut over the pavement to take the parking space I was patiently waiting for!!!!

So I’m sat there in my little car, I drive a Daewoo Matiz, 0-60 in ten minutes :-) in a very busy car park (Saturday afternoon) waiting for another car to reverse out of the parking space etc… so I could park there. On the actual car park there were no other cars near by (so it was going to be my space). The parked car pulled out, drove off and I started to park in the free space. I look up to see a large black Land Rover come hurtling across the bus stop pickup area, mount the pavement an proceed to park where I was pulling into (I was lucky not to hit him as it was very close!!). This meant he went up one kerb, over a pavement and down another kerb directly into the parking space I was already partially in, instead of driving around a mini round about, round a couple of bends before getting to where I was.

So I reversed out of the space, found another near by space to park in and went to confront this absolute retard of a driver. I was angry to say the least so walked right up to him and started yelling profanities at him a few centermeters from his face.

Before I proceed a little background on me. I’m not a trouble maker or anything like that, but if someone wrongs me I can not let it pass without doing something about it. I have a philosophy that whatever I do today I must be able to look back on it and feel I did the right sort of thing no matter what the consequences. Basically I take no shit from anyone, because when you do you feel negative thoughts about yourself.

With the above philosophy I tend to get myself into situations that can easily result in violence, though since 99% of people in the world are spineless cowards odds are good it won’t go to far (when I was much younger it was much more likely to turn to violence mind you, used to fight a lot as a teenager).

So, I was in his face shouting abuse at him, at the same time his wife was picking up a parking ticket. As a side note if the situation was reversed I know my wife wouldn’t have been wandering off getting a parking ticket while someone was yelling at me, she’d be ready to kick the guy in the nuts or something :-). Now all this dick head had to say in his defence was I had a small car and I got a parking spot anyway!!

This pissed me off further and he made the mistake of trying to have the last word as I walked off, he had the cheek to say I was in the wrong (or words to that effect) so I went back and basically told him to put up or shut up. I was ready to hit him by then (I really wanted him to hit me so I could have him).

He then backed behind his car and I think his wife walked in front of him (presumably as a shield). Also noticed one of his hands were shaking, so I’d got to say what I wanted to say, made the guy look like a cowardly fool in front of his wife, which will eat at his self confidence for years to come. So I walked off calling him a pussy.

Looking back about the only things that might of made me feel better would have to either hit him during the confrontation  or make him remove his car from the parking space as a matter of priniciple. But in the heat of the moment it didn’t cross my mind. Should have took his number plate as well.

So all in all I’ll look back on the incident and feel good about myself, I took no shit today.