Pet proof your apartment, aprtment carePet-proofing is a must when you have a dog or cat living in your apartment that can move about its own and access stuff they like, put it in their mouth, tear it playfully and eventually swallow it and get choked. Before you start getting frantic about your kid’s favorite toy gone missing or your wedding ring that you kept on the dresser table before bath, pet-proof your house carefully.

Keep small things out of the reach by putting them on high shelves or drawers. Food items that can be harmful to your dog like chocolates, popcorns and anything that the vet has prescribed not healthy, should be kept away. Pets can be found shitting on the favorite carpet you had laid out. Better go for ceramic tiles, linoleum or marble flooring if you have pets. Dogs have a tendency to chew wires wherever they see it. Keep electric lines closed up high on the walls and ensure no live points to prevent your pet getting a shock!