The living room of an individual remains one of the most important locations in his/her house. Therefore, getting the right décor for the living room remains an area of concern for many. But nowadays, more people are choosing the Asian decoration patterns and accessories to dress up their living room. Asian decorative items are often described as serene, natural, calm and soothing. Also, the minimalist way of designing seems to be a characteristic feature of Asian designs, making it a huge success.

Use of sparse and minimal accessories, like furniture and showpieces will keep your living room spacious and clear. Asian greenery is also appreciably occupying most of the living rooms of modern day. Vases of flowers, or cherry blossoms, add the extra zing to the living room and give it a natural feel. Other important Asian accessories include painted panels, depicting scenes of Asian lifestyle, or paintings of animals. Buddha statues and tapestries are also preferred by many individuals.