Modern lamp shades essentially come in three different types and you can customize them according to your decor style and liking.

The three decor types of lamp shades are parchment, silk and hardback and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Since all types of lamp shades come in different sizes and shapes finding the perfect home decor style for your lamp is pretty easy.

The hardback lampshade is usually made of fabric or paper that has been laminated on styrene.
Styrene is basically a plastic liner and it is located on the inner side of the lamp shade.
It comes with a wire ring to circle opening of the lamp.

The parchment lamp shades are quite similar to the hardbacks in terms of construction.
However they do not use styrene.
Parchment allows more scope for customization than the hardback lampshades.

The silk lampshades are made of silk, linen, cotton and blended fabrics.
These shades are constructed with a wire frame and the frame connects the bottom and the top rings.
Notches, curves and scallops can be made out of it.