home colors for home decorIt can be said that the right colors are bright colors or the bright colors are always the right colors to make your home a happy one. The colors along with the proper lighting arrangements would definitely make you feel cheerful and happy.

To choose the right colors you need to keep in mind the season. If it is winter then you need to opt for a warm color like red. But when it is spring or summer you can change the color of your room by opting for bright yellow that represents sunshine. If you think that this would make you feel hotter during the summer days then you can go for the cooler shades like sky blue, pastel or lavender.

If you are adventurous enough then you can think about adding some special effects to these colors. You can opt for those colors that promise of metallic finish, luster finish or melamine coating. Opting for color themes and buying the matching furniture would definitely make your home a happy one.