home decorArtwork generally refers to pictures, paintings or portraits. In case of room décor, artwork may include wallpapers, photographs, photo collages and montage. If you want to liven up your room then you need to explore the creative side in you. A portrait of Mona Lisa might look excellent on the walls of Louvre but when it is your room you can think of making a collage of all the pictures of your school or college days, put an attractive frame around it and hang it on the wall.

These memories spent with your friends would help to liven up your room. Or if you idolize some personality in the sports or the music field you can get unconventional portraits or cutouts of those personalities. You can also explore the rebellious nature within you by getting a graffiti done on one of the walls of the rooms. If graffiti is not your cup of tea then you can fill the walls with life size quotations from your favorite book/song/movie and sayings by your favorite personality.