Silk curtains have always been used in beautifying the appearance of doors and windows. But it can help you lavishly metamorphose your bedroom, and create the best ambience and environment that you had always wanted.

Silk is a natural fibre and if you intend to decorate your bedroom with silk drapes, consider buying matching designer silk bedroom collection. They come with window treatments, along with beddings. You can choose to match the curtain color with those of the pillow, and thus create in your bedroom a romantic gateway. These sets of curtains are available for sale online, as well as in different departmental stores.

Silk drapes add a whimsical, luxurious and romantic feel to the bedroom. But be careful, as it requires extra care and maintenance. Too much exposure to sunlight can damage the silk curtains in your bedroom, by fading the white color into yellow. Be careful while dry cleaning or hand washing the curtains. Remember not to twist the curtains while washing.