If you are a total foodie then you should also dress up your cooking area with latest kitchen equipments which will not bring a cut in your electricity bill but being of compact sizes they can provide you with more free space helping you to perform all the tasks in an easy manner. Based on how often you entertain and if you prefer your kitchen to have a natural look you can invest in kitchen equipments having a stainless steel body or have a wooden finish. Here are some of the most sought after kitchen equipment latest advances:

For avid coffee lovers Gaggia’s compact espresso machines by the name Illy capsules is a perfect addition which can be used for heating water or to prepare cappuccino or buy a Qosmo portable coffee maker for that dose of hot brew anywhere anytime
From preparing tasty soups to delicious cookie batter buy a Viking hand mixer that comes with digital-9 speed.

Last but not the least buy a Diva Island which provides cooking lovers with about 4 ovens as well as 8 cooking components.