You cannot have your kitchen decorated in any weird style. It is a place where you need to spend a greater part of the day and so you should get your kitchen arranged appositely and according to your convenience. First, you can have your dishwasher installed at least 60 to 70 feet above the floor area and then you can place the microwave just above it. Both these appliances in their particular positions would be able to suffice you with better services.

The built-in ovens should be placed side by side at the desired height so that both of them can be easily noticed. Your kitchen cabinet should at least be forty inches from the floor. This would enable easy cleaning and proper storage of all essential items. Just don’t keep a refrigerator on the floor. You can opt for the drawer type fridge system. It would definitely look and work better. A small sink within the kitchen is desirable as it helps in avoiding unnecessary messing up with things.