Attic is a storehouse for your old belonging. Many of your belongings have an emotional feeling and so you don’t dispense with it. But often it gets stale and defile the attic environment. Thus dirt and muck spreads fast in the attic before you realize. It is anyway ignored due to no practical use.

For safety purposes, you should take out the content of your attic every two month. Then clean the walls with disinfectant. Get rid of cobwebs and molds. Then see if you can throw some of the belongings. Try keeping it less stuffed. Place a halogen light in the attic to ensure that it does not become a rat’s den. Keep naphthalene in the corners to scare away little insects. Don’t let your pets enter the attic.

It is also advisable to place an organic plant pot inside. This way, the attic gets fresh and recycled air and keeps clean.