Water is a renowned disease-carrier. It allows breeding of mosquitoes and they are plainly lethal. You should ensure that your house is kept from leakage. Keep checking the house from outside and seal any burst pipe or leaking drain.

 If the leaking is an inside issue, check the walls with a knife. Any vulnerable spot should be plastered or fly walled. If you have acoustic ceiling, and the flakes are coming out, carefully remove the ceiling part-by-part.

 Use sander and spray paint in case of ceiling. Paint-tape the edges between walls and also those between the walls and the floors. Check the alcoves and see if they have become a reservoir. Keep your aquarium clean and budding with fresh water.

Use a thick entrance mat on the outside and a thinner one inside. They not only welcome guests but also keep the external water from seeping in. Don’t keep the house damp under any circumstance.