Our kitchen floors undoubtedly undergo maximum abuse in form of heavy foot traffic, scratching that can happen due to dropped kitchenware and juice and sauce spills besides a lot of grease and sunlight. Therefore following certain basic rules for maintenance you can keep your kitchen floors in tip top shape:

If your kitchen has hardwood flooring then grit, dirt and sand are its biggest enemies which can scratch or dent the surface and also make it dull. Therefore to maintain its beauty it is essential you clean the floor with a fine broom regularly. Also wipe up all spills immediately so that they don’t get soaked by the floor which can cause its discoloration. Always use a neutral pH cleaner for cleaning hardwood floors. Wax, conditioners as well as ammonia or oil based cleaners should not be used on these floors

In a similar manner an occasional vacuuming and damp mopping will maintain the beauty of laminate floors. Try cleaning red wine and grease stains on these floors using mild soap and warm water.

Therefore based on the flooring material take adequate care and follow some basic maintenance rule to keep your kitchen floors in tip top shape.