Home care tips, PotpourriA clean and neat home is the sign of good health. You also should maintain a good fresh environment in your home. You can make your home smell good and fresh by using aromatic potpourri. There are many natural herbs and plants which can be used as natural aromatic potpourri for homes. For a calm, sensual and relaxing feel in the rooms you can take some herbs and dry them out in the sun. When they are completely dry, take them separately and crush them with your fingers. You can wear protective gloves if you are allergic to anything.

After they are completely crushed and well mixed, smell it. If it smells divine and perfect, put them in a porous bag and hang it in the kitchen, bathroom, closet or drawers. You can also keep a large bag in your living room in a basket on the coffee table. You even keep them in a glass bowl in the open instead of using a pouch or bag to give it a classy feel.