Houses are prone to leaking and molding. This happens mainly at the edges. There are many edges in the house. Wall-wall, wall-floor, wall-ceiling, wall-door and wall-window are just some of the edges.

Check whether the lining of these edges is doing fine. If they are seeped in water, you should use tapes. Placing cornices or ledges at the edges also help. You should see if certain edges are vulnerable and within eyesight. You can place an ivy creeper alongside. It soon takes succor in the edge.

Another way to avoid edge flaking out is by using an extra layer of cement or mud on them. You can be adventurous and make the edges existent by creating round drawing rooms. Edges also are susceptible to cobwebs and you may make small insertions or a symmetric indentation at the wall-ceiling edge.

The process may well be called edge closeting. You can beautify the window edges by adding wooden frames.