One of the most important tasks of housework is maintaining your furniture. You would know that this one activity takes up 70% of your time assigned to housework. So how can you take care of your furniture? First try to make it a daily habit of dusting the furniture.

If dust is not removed on a regular basis they tend to get settled as stubborn marks.  Use a vacuum cleaner regularly. In case you have dropped any kind of grease or similar stain causing agent, make sure you clean them up regularly.

For furniture which do not get damaged by water, regularly wipe them with a wet towel followed by a dry one. Sometimes it is advisable to clean these furniture with a little bit of soapy water. But after that make sure you wipe off the soap completely. Some of your furniture like the steel and wooden ones can be polished once in a while. For the purpose you get polishing agents available in the market.