Natural stone flooring offers an aristocratic elegance in your kitchen and thus has been a favorite for centuries. But, it needs proper care and maintenance to last long.

First, apply a good sealer on the stone to make it waterproof. But before sealing clean up the surface thoroughly since natural stone substances contain dust and dirt residues. Thus, vacuum and sweep your classy flooring properly and sometimes you might opt for a residue cleaner.

Stone floors are very sturdy and hence are generally used for heavy traffic areas like your kitchen. But overcrowding brings sand, grit and dirt with it which in turn may damage the floor surface. Hence, it needs continuous vacuuming and regular sweeps. After all the grit and dirt is cleaned off, mop the floor daily with water and a neutral PH soap or detergent. Then dry the stone surface using a soft rag. Never use ammonia rich products or abrasive cleaners and do not delay to get rid off spillages the moment you see them.