To be accurate the renovation started just over a week ago (completed the purchase 27/02/2006), but I only got the idea to start a blog about it a couple of days ago.

This is my first major project, really my first house like project since before this house the only stuff I’ve done is minor DIY projects like building the kids a bunk bed which they fall out of occassionally :-)

I also have a disability, couple of degraded disks in my lower back that gives me constant low back pain (take strong pain killers for that) and dodgy knees (recently started having steroid injections for those). The knees are are going to be the main problem since this is a 4 storey house, basement to atic filled with room upon room!!

Makes it sound like I’m in my sixties or something, when I’m 36!

We took a fair amount of digital images of the house during the buying stage, and yesterday I took digital images of what I’ve destroyed so far. As I blog about what I’ve done (working alone right now) I’ll add the relevant images in, taking more as needed. Since I didn’t come up with the idea to blog about the renovation until after the work started there’ll be a few gaps, but you’ll get the idea.

Forgot to take a picture of the front/back of the house yesterday, so all I have is a small images from the estate agent-

 Estate agents house picture

I’ll get a better image or two next time.

It’s an ugly house, located in Linconshire (Skegness to be precise) but meets our needs right now and was a good price. I suppose that brings me to who I am and stuff like that. I’m David or Dave as the wife calls me, obviously married or the wife couldn’t call me Dave :-) We have three boys aged 14, 11 and 9 which we home educate (home school if you are US based). We went for a big house for the kids, with so many rooms (12 not including bathrooms and the kitchen) makes it much easier to give them a decent education without having to sacrifice normal living (that’s the theory anyway). My main work is as an SEO Consultant at SEO Gold so I basically work with websites all day so really looking forward to getting my hands dirty renovating this house.

Think that will do for a first post.