Green home decor, home decor ideasIn the present socio scenario the most attention is given towards the environment to reduce the effect of the global warming. To achieve this, a drastic change over is brought in every sphere of human life. It is said by the scientist that planting green plants can bring down the severity of global warming. Thus people are now preferring to do up their houses using green plants, which is not only pretty, but also eco friendly.

Variety of green plants are now available in the market with whom you can decorate your house in the most astonishing way. Many indoor plants are there. They should be well maintained and trimmed regularly to keep them in shape always. Otherwise they may not look the same beautiful and give your house a unique look. From kitchen, dining room, drawing hall to the bathroom, the green plants can be kept everywhere for decoration. Many designer pots are also available which add to the decoration of your house. So, while considering decorating your house with greenery be specific about the ways of designing and the maintenance.