Granite kitchen worktop looks truly beautiful but also calls for a proper maintenance regime to retain its elegance. Thus here are some tips on how to take care of your granite worktop. Firstly, make sure to wash it regularly with a high end stone cleaner and stay away from the chemical cleaners.

You can also use hot water with dish washing fluid on the worktop and rub on it gently with a soft cleaning pad. Make sure to go for a thorough rinse as it would remove all the excess oil, chemicals and dirt. Then, pat it dry with a soft and clean cloth.

In case of stains, make a paste of flour and your dish washing fluid and apply it on the stained area. The cover it with a plastic sheet and leave it for the night. After that, clear it with your spatula and rinse the worktop well. If the stains are too stubborn, use ammonia liquid or a solution of hydrogen peroxide in the place of your dish washer.