You can now decorate your bedroom with lots of green. This gives an eco-friendly feel to your bedroom. You can replace your usual beddings and linens with organic sheet, bed pillows, pillowcase set and mattresses. Organic bedding is made with fibers which are natural and does not use chemicals and other additives. You can keep furniture which is homemade. Re-use furniture if possible. Try putting a fresh plant in your bedroom. Use paints which are low-VOC or no-VOC.

To clean your bedroom you could use natural cleaning products. Use products which have no chemicals and are eco-friendly. You can even make your own cleaners. Use distilled vinegar along with other natural substances. Use organic clothes like organic sleep wear, slippers and bath robes. Make sure that the light bulbs you use are eco- friendly. Also reduce the amount of electronic items in your bedroom. Use necessary items like a clock and a lamp.