Tips for kitchen flooring, flooringThe kitchen involves a lot of work while remain standing, the floor tend to stand a lot of pressure and that might lead to knee and ankle pain, so it is always advisable to use soft and comfortable flooring material like vinyl or going for carpet flooring option, but if you are into hard materials like marble then preferable to use rugs, they can provide comfort to your feet. But if aged or children are quite frequent to the kitchen then better to use anti-slip flooring options because liquids spills are quite common on kitchen floors and thus it declines the risks of accidents.

While choosing, better to avoid, wax finish wood floors, because they are quite exposed to hot spills, so go for options that are washable and are resistive to heat. Laminated options are quite common of their variances and easy cleaning but liquid remains can slip in and cause damage to the flooring, otherwise they are stain resistive too. Marbles should be the last option because of their hardness and decolourisation.