Note: I do not recommend using RoofTec for flat roofing work, the easiest of the roofs they replaced leaked in multiple places due to poor design.

One of the owners of Rooftec came to the house on Monday, showed him the underside of the two flat dormer roofs that had been done wrong.

He tried to convince me the roofs would be fine, apparently wet mushy roofing boards with black mold on them is fine, our kids are going to be sleeping in these rooms so it’s far from fine!!

It was obvious from his approach he knew it had been done badly, when something is acceptable, you don’t agree with little argument to rip it all out and start again without additions payment (I wouldn’t anyway). Although I hadn’t paid yet, so that was probably a factor.

Anyway, his explanation was the roofers would have overboarded the roofs after cleaning of the old felt (like they did on the first roof), and they must have missed the significant damage because of the height (4 storey high) and wind!

Sounds like bullshit to me, so at this point I’m not impressed or convinced with the explanation, the way I see it is I’m off site a couple of days and they bodge the rest of the job assuming we would never find the problem!!

He said he’d call me later that day or the day after.

As a side note the side panels one of the roofers said they could add wasn’t added to the sides of the roofs. Oh well :-(

BTW have misplaced the digital camera (probably in a pile of tools at the house), so can’t take any images!!!!!

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