Note: I do not recommend using RoofTec for flat roofing work, the easiest of the roofs they replaced leaked in multiple places due to poor design.

Continueing on from the last post Flat Roofing by Rooftec (Glass Fiber Flat Roof) regarding the replacement of our flat roofs.

Ran into a big problem with the last two flat roofs (on dormer windows), the Rooftec roofers didn’t do the job correctly (looks like they fibreglassed over the old felt, which is the wrong way to do it).

We removed some plasterboard and discovered siginifcant water leakage from the roofs (long term roof leaks not new) as well, so someone from Rooftec is coming to the house on Monday so I’ll post what they did wrong and the solution then (got a lot of pictures to post showing the problems).

I think a business shows it’s true colours during problems (like this) so will be interesting to see what sort of company Rooftec is.

Here’s a quick preview of the mess left on two of the flat roofs-

Rooftec mess

Basically they left the original water damaged roofingboards in situ!!

Rooftec mess
Rooftec mess

the one above was very wet, they also didn’t clean up which was part of the service-

Rooftec mess

this was taken after removing two bin bags full of flaked wood and gravel from the old roof.

Will make another post when I know more.

First post in the series: Flat Roofing by Rooftec (Glass Fiber Flat Roof)