Note: I do not recommend using RoofTec for flat roofing work, the easiest of the roofs they replaced leaked in multiple places due to poor design.

All I seem to do is think about flat roofs this month!!

OK, Friday morning 8:30am ish Rooftec roofers give us a call (we are at home getting ready to go to the house) they are on site and can’t start the job without access to the electrics, so I tell them we’ll be there is just over an hour (it’s a minimum 50 minute drive, though an hour with son number 2 in the car as he gets travel sick :-)).

Would have been there at 8:30am, but the owner of Rooftec I spoke to the other day said they could do it without access. Plan was to turn up at around 10am when they’d made a significant start on stripping the flat roofs (I hate early mornings since I tend to work until 5am so an extra hours sleep means a lot to me:-)).

When we got to the house the wind was beginning to pick up, we seem to be in an area where even a small breeze turns into a wind tunnel experience!! The roofers didn’t want to start work because of the wind, which is fair enough so agreed to start work on tuesday (after the Bank holiday weekend).

One of the roofers explained the fibreglass system on the roofs isn’t removable without power tools, the bitchumen/felt roofing they normally work with can be scrapped off with shovels. I guess the owner of Rooftec forgot they’d have to remove the fibreglass first :-)

I also showed them the underside of the roofs and one of them said that wouldn’t last a year and needs removing.

Guess what my next post will be about, yes you guessed it, Flat roofs :-)

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