Note: I do not recommend using RoofTec for flat roofing work, the easiest of the roofs they replaced leaked in multiple places due to poor design.

Despite the positive nature of this blog post RoofTec are not a roofing company I’d recommend, please read all the comments at the bottom and read other relevant posts before hiring RoofTec. It sounds like their guarantee is not worth the paper it is printed on.

A year later and the roof below has leaked in two places due to a design flaw in their system, or to be more precise not following the system they say they use on their website. This has had me on the roof several times patching small gaps which water can splash/be blown into between the roof and the main building wall.

The roofers (Rooftec from Boston, Lincolnshire) are on site. They were booked for the 6th April, but rain had delayed a previous job, so they weren’t able to start on our flat roofs (we have 4 flat roofs!) until Monday 10th.

I’m glad they called us about the delays the day before, since there isn’t a phone at the house and I’m apparently the only person in the UK not to own a mobile phone :-) (never needed one) so would have been at the house last week waiting for non-existent roofers, that could have been fun (so thanks for the call Rooftec, appreciated).

Rooftec do glass fibre flat roofing which is guaranteed for 50yrs which is much, much better than anything else we looked at, next best was around 25 years guarantee, but with a standard felt flat roof we’d be lucky if it lasted 15 years, probably a lot less since we are within walking distance of the sea (salt in the air). So when the job is completed we should have a water tight fibre glass flat roof for decades to come.

Interestingly the Rooftec quote for all four flat roofs was less than some of the quotes for standard felt roofing, one roofer didn’t quote for the front dormer window (which is two windows in one, so around 5M in length) and it was still more expensive than what we are paying Rooftec and that bloke didn’t include replacing boards if needed (that would be extra!!). So we’ve upgraded the quality of our flat roofs to glass fibre for no more than a standard felt roof.

Anyway, a couple of roofers from Rooftec arrived early Monday morning, they started with the large flat roof over the kitchen/dining room extension (it’s a two storey extension with kitchen/diner on the bottom and two bedrooms above). This is what it looked like before the roofers started any work (image below).

Large Flat Roof Before the Roofing Work Started

They scraped the old felt off the roof to see the state of the boards below, if the boards were damaged they’d replace them, if not they’d overboard with sterling OSB boards. The stripped boards looked good with no signs of water damage or anything untoward (image below).

Felt Removed from Flat Roof by Rooftec

So the roofers overboarderded with new Sterling OSB boards. Quite happy that the original OSB boards aren’t damaged as it means a little extra insulation having it overboarded (image below).

Overboarded Flat Roof ready for Fibreglass Matting

They’d cut the original wood sides of the roof flat (so the roof was completely flat) so they could add pre fabricated fibre glass moulded edging (not sure what it’s called). This gave the front edge, left edge and the joins with the rest of the house including below the window I was taking the photos from (as you look at the image below) a raised lip, so rain water can only flow from the right edge into the guttering (see below).

Roofers adding Rooftec Glass Fibre Roofing System

After which they coated the roof in fibre glass matting with some kind of polyester resin (see above). This makes the roof water tight, but not pretty to look at (see below).

Roof Fibre Glassed, not Coated Yet

Since it was too late to start another flat roof that day (this was on Monday) and they had to wait for the resin to set before they can put the decorative coating over the waterproofed roof they called it a day.

On Tuesday morning Rooftec was on site and already working by the time we arrived. It was a very windy day (and rained later), so they didn’t want to start the three remaining roofs (it’s a 4 storey high building!), so they added rendering strips (the house walls are rendered) to the roof they worked on Monday so we can blend the rendering in later. Forgot to take a photo on Tuesday (doh!), so will get that on Friday when I go next.

Got to get the car MOT’d Thursday as it ran out last week (I completely forgot!) so can’t go tomorrow (had to work today, Wednesday as well)!.

I have to say so far I’m very impressed with the work and the roofers, three roofers from Rooftec so far (very friendly and polite). On Tuesday I was showing one of them the internal damage caused by water leakage etc… and was discussing possible problems with the sides of the dormer windows (two of the next three roofs are on dormer windows) and even though it’s not covered by the quote we got, he said they could add some side panels to prevent further problems, which is great as it saves me another job and possible expense.

Can’t wait to see how they have got on with the remaining roofs and will post about it when I get the time and images.