Note: I do not recommend using RoofTec for flat roofing work, the easiest of the roofs they replaced leaked in multiple places due to poor design.

Anyone that’s followed my intermittent posts (sorry very busy with SEO consulting work and I’ve hurt my hip, so work ground to a slow crawl) will know we had our flat roofs replaced by a company called Rooftec and we had a few problems.

We eventually got things sorted, unfortunately one of the flat roofs started to leak (or more likely been leaking for ages, but took a while to show via a damaged ceiling).

We have a large flat roof over a 2 storey kitchen extension, the Rooftec system involved replacing the roof boards (though for this roof we agreed to let them overboard what looked like good quality OSB board) and then fiberglassing over the new wood. Fibreglass is used on boats, so in theory should be better than a flat felt roof.

Not sure if poor quality work or poor design, but because the join between the flat roof and the main building wasn’t sealed correctly water falling off a higher roof was finding it’s way into the property from two points!!

Rooftec had added rendering strip on the existing wall to redirect water away from the joins, but underneath this rendering strip water could splash into the opening between the roof and the wall.

In 90% of properties I guess this wouldn’t be a problem, but we have a dormer flat roof which water pours from when it rains excessively. The water drops 2 storeys, so significant splashing is inevitable.

I fixed this by filling the gaps with mortar, but it really shouldn’t have happened.

Will take some photos as the above is difficult to explain.

Suffice to say we had to remove another ceiling that got wet, one that in theory we didn’t have to remove, though glad we have since we found a previous roof replacement had left LOTS of the old roofing material including the stone chips on the plasterboard (the weight could cause the ceiling to fail, so better dealt with now)!!!!