Tips to decorate fireplace mantle, fireplaceWinter season is the one season where you see most of the families enjoying decorating their homes for Christmas, especially the fireplace mantle. You can use practically anything to décor the fireplace mantle; something which enhances its look. People place their family photo frames which show the cherished times they have spent all year round. Some nice soft toys and other such accessories can be placed on the fireplace mantle. Candles are very common for the mantle decoration.

If you are celebrating Christmas, hanging socks is the trend which we follow from ancient times. There are candies shaped like an umbrella, placed at the fireplace mantle. You can bring home cards, gifts and Santa Claus items to be placed near the fireplace. Tree decoration is a common thing too when the winter sets in. If you visit the market place during winters, you would be surprised to see many accessories for fireplace décor. Pick a few and decorate your fireplace mantle.