Unlike the ordinary brick masonry fireplaces, that have chimneys and foundations, the direct vent gas fire places are good at taking advantage of the technology of zero clearance. This type of fireplace is prefabricated from the metal then installed in the wood frame fireplace construction. It has no foundation or chimney. The mystery behind the creation of the direct vented gas fireplace is that it burns efficiently, venting the air circulation in and out of the walls.

On the economic aspect, the direct vent gas fireplace is easy and inexpensive to install as compared to the masonry units. In addition, they are highly flexible when it comes to placement. Unlike the masonry brick fireplaces, the direct vent gas fireplace counters the issue of ventilation. With this type of a fireplace, there will be no smoking issue. It is virtual, providing the desired warmth to sooth you during winter. Install one in your home.