Bath tubs are of different types and different manufacturers. They are also made of a wide range of materials. Here are some of them;

Attached apron enameled steel bathtub: this are the most common and the lowest priced. Because of their cheapness they are easily found in most of the outlets. The good thing with them is that they don’t chip. They are also comparatively thin and retain heat.

Fiberglass: also a little bit cheap, and made from a material that is easily available in different shapes and color. Fiberglass usually has four pieces making up a piece. It mostly makes soap dishes, built-in seats, grab bars and towel bars.

Acrylic bathtubs: almost similar to fiberglass, its only difference being its color which makes it comparatively unlikely to scratch or fade.

Cast iron bathtubs: this is the toughest of all and hence the heaviest. It should be handled with a lot of care when being installed due to its weight.