Comment on Damp Proofing a Basement by Adding a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) by Eric Grafton.

I found all the comments about combatting damp very interesting and had to pass on my experience. When I moved into my first house a condition of getting the mortgage was having a DPC fitted. We chose chemical injection as it was the only method available at the time. Trouble was, the fitters drilled big holes in my outside bricks to inject chemicals through, then sealed them up with studs. It looked horrible and I swore never to have it done again if I moved. Well, I moved and found my new bungalow suffered with damp. Rem,remembering my past experience, I enlisted a company called Holland Damp Proofing which claimed to be chemical-free. Sure enough they didn’t inject chemicals into the cavity walls, just a type of airbrick. Admittedly, I now have a row of these airbricks in my walls but they actually look a lot nicer than crude, clay-coloured studs! Hats off to Holland, they did what they said in the advert. No mess, no chemicals and all done with minimum disruption in a day.