Bored with the same old look of your rooms? Planning on what to do next to make them have a complete makeover? Don’t worry, as giving a room a makeover might not be as expensive as it sounds. Maybe all you need is some great taste in curtains. Curtains are amazing household items which can dramatically change the look of an entire room from a dingy bleak look to a classy and elegant look.

The material to choose can be anything. You can go for either an opaque look or a translucent look for the material of the curtains depending upon the kind of feel you want in the room. The designs can be plain, printed or may have multiple shades. Beige and silvery champagne colors are perfect for bedrooms with whitish walls. Baby blue and silver would go well with rooms with a more dramatic wallpaper like Prussian blue or purple. Then again you can stick to the basic white. But at the end, choose what suits you the best and goes well with the room.