Searching for an option to give a new-fangled look to the chairs, just try the ideas given below. As you will want that the budget is not too high so you can try a decent colour fabric to suit the chairs.

Piping can be done over it to increase the prettiness of the cover and the chair both. You will get both the simple as well as designer covers that will go with the table and the room too.

All you need is to consider the matching and size.

Covering A Chair Seat
Even curtains can be used as covers which look awesome and different.

If you have a set of curtains at home you must surely try this option.

I hope it will really create a mood and a refreshing atmosphere around.

This will not consume a lot of money as stitching can be done at cheap rates.

If you are good at it you can do it yourself and give an innovative appearance to the chairs.