Vanity mirrors do not only add light and space to a room, they also beautify a room in addition to it functionality. Vanity mirrors are available indifferent colors, shapes and sizes and design and choosing one need proper and careful planning. The choice of vanity mirrors is a personal decision hence it is determined by individual desires.

The space available determines the size and to some extent the shape of the mirror so it is important to take measurements of the location of the mirror before selecting one.
The other aspect to consider is the frame of the mirror. Wooden frames are give a room a rich look but are costly and available in less sizes, chromed edged frames are suitable for limited space as they seem to enlarge a room and are available in different sizes and are affordable. Beveled edged mirrors are fragile and needs extra care when installing. They are easily available and can be attached to the wall using clips and are appropriate where space is large.