Lighting Fixtures can be used for its functional value or for its beauty or both and this can be compromised if the wrong bulb is used. There are factors to be considered while choosing the right bulb for a fixture.

The position of the fixture will determine the type of bulb to be selected. Kitchens require a light bulb that will keep the mood up since it is one of the busiest rooms. The living room may demand different light bulbs according to the mood required. The positions also influence the color of the bulb. Since the color fixture will have an influence on the room it is advisable to select a light bulb that will enhance the fixture.

The type of fixture also determines the choice of light bulb. Chandeliers need old incandescent bulbs while high hats need halogens. It is very dangerous to insert the wrong light bulb therefore time should be taken before selecting the right bulb for each fixture.